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Перевод: breaker speek breaker

взломщик ; нарушитель ; нарушитель закона; дрессировщик ; брекер ; бурун ; отбойщик ; дробилка ; дробильщик ; мяло; трепалка ; выключатель ; прерыватель ; ледорез ; волнолом ; бык ; небольшой бочонок


  1. Both the breaker and his designer customers are quintessential members of the semi-literate tendency.
  2. The military type shackles will fit your Land Rover and are probably best sourced from a Land Rover breaker as the last time we purchased new they were virtually impossible to obtain.
  3. The oldest book here is Kennett's Roman Antiquities published in 1699 and still in perfectly sound condition, though its plates have been removed by a "breaker" - someone who removes all the maps and plates from a book, sells the plates, coloured and framed, to interior designers and other such people, and then throws the book away.
  4. Walker is more than just one of the all-time great middle distance runners, he was a pioneer, a barrier breaker who set new standards of performance and of attitude towards the art of miling.
  5. Their own range plus the Scanro range have been relaunched with new graphics, the Breaker wave skis have been acquired and there are also the Scanro pontoons, Vinta sailboards and a sailing dinghy, the Dolfin, for Robin Witter to play with if he gets bored!
  6. SD1 carbs are best sourced from a breaker's yard as they are readily available for about 25 per pair.
  7. As is pointed in International Rectifier's note AN-969m power mosfets possess advantages over bipolar transistors for ignition circuits, chiefly because of the high voltages then must withstand when used in place of a conventional mechanical contact breaker.
  8. John had decided to dig a depth of nine feet, but after removing four feet of earth, the men hit a hard band of shale and a Kango breaker was hired to remove the remaining debris.
  9. Always use a circuit breaker for added safety.
  10. "A new hair-carding shop (No. 54) has recently been erected at the west end of the works, built of corrugated iron, adjacent is a small mortar grinding plant and concrete breaker for the use of the building department.
  11. This had a single edge and a thick, heavy blade which could also be used as a bludgeon (the "flesh cutter" and the "bone breaker").
  12. As this current reaches a peak value, the contact breaker mechanism (which is driven by a rotating cam) opens and interrupts the primary current.
  13. Best of all was the non-celebrity tape The Y Plan Fat Breaker.

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