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Перевод: breach speek breach

пролом ; отверстие; брешь ; интервал ; разрыв отношений; разрыв ; ссора ; нарушение; волны, разбивающиеся о корабль;
пробивать брешь; проламывать; нарушать; выскочить из воды


  1. Thus was the breach healed, before the chasm between father and son grew too wide.
  2. "If that happens it will be trumped up as the end of the NBA, but in fact it will only be a breach if Mr Maher discounts without the permission of the publisher," Mr Taylor added.
  3. It is especially easy for employees to breach a security system.
  4. "Sometimes there has been something left unsaid, a gap unfilled, a breach.
  5. There is no general rule which exempts infants from liability for "tort", i.e. civil injury other than breach of contract or trust.
  6. Care needs to be taken that the school doesn't breach the regulations imposed by the Education Reform Act.
  7. The programme scrupulously refused to attribute full maturity to either faction, dwelling on the bestial acts committed by animal rights terrorists -the Bristol University bombing and so on - as well as on the vile surgical mutilations which had provoked them, and Ian Breach's presentation script was both deft and literate; a model guide through these complex issues.
  8. It takes some time for a breach of contract claim to reach a trial.
  9. In Finnegans Wake , the breach between word and world is no longer a matter of doubt or negotiation, but of some certainty, even celebration.
  10. Trow Gill is dry, a grass slope rising and narrowing to a breach in the cliffs at the top, a passage through it being made up a tumble of boulders.
  11. A person would only be liable as a constructive trustee of money he had received in payment of a commercial liability, and which had already passed through his hands, if it was possible to show that he knew that the money was misapplied trust money because he had actual knowledge of the breach of trust or he had wilfully shut his eyes to the obvious or had wilfully or recklessly failed to make inquiries that an honest and reasonable man would have made.
  12. Fourth, if, having acted according to these principles, he were subsequently challenged regarding the lawfulness of his conduct, the doctor would have the benefit of the defence of necessity if he had intervened, but if he had not intervened, he would not thereby be in breach of his duty to his patient.
  13. America is co-ordinating Western efforts to begin a massive airlift of food, blankets and medical supplies to breach a virtual blockade of Bosnia and help the estimated 200,000 refugees.

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