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Перевод слова

Перевод: brawl speek brawl

шумная ссора; уличная драка; уличный скандал; журчание;
скандалить; ссориться; шуметь; кричать; драться; журчать


  1. When he's rescued from a bar room brawl, Michael meets Alex (Rob Lowe), a charismatic drifter who plays at life by his own rules.
  2. Several witnesses said that Slatter started the brawl.
  3. Later in the game he was sent off for his part in a vicious brawl.
  4. It seems that the Volunteer Cavalry, and Cavalry exist to give tone to what would otherwise be a mere vulgar brawl, had already dispersed the rioters, after they had rioted along through Garscube and burned the Parish Records in Old Kilpatrick.
  5. A brawl ensued.
  6. They are extremely handsome and sensual, and glory in a drunken brawl.
  7. John Pain (flying P3731): "This was a brawl with some 15 CR 42s in which the entire flight got mixed up some miles out to sea at about 18,000 feet between St. Paul's Bay and Sliema.
  8. Five girls and one boy were arrested as police struggled to control the brawl.
  9. The idyll which had promised so much with Beatrice was gradually deteriorating into a drawn-out brawl.
  10. Thankfully the brawl between Arsenal and Norwich City players at the end of last Saturday's match at Highbury was a rarity; hence all the fuss.
  11. The evening ended in a brawl between the different factions in Cubism, but it brought a moment of splendour into the blackouts and bombings of war.
  12. A brawl following a coach collision was unlikely to have led to fatal violence being offered to a woman.
  13. After the street brawl against Manchester City last Tuesday this seemed like a gentle Sunday afternoon stroll in the North London sunshine.

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