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Перевод слова

Перевод: brass speek brass

латунный; медный;
латунь ; желтая медь; медь ; духовые медные инструменты; медная мемориальная доска; деньги [жарг.] ; медяки ; бесстыдство; начальство; высший военный чин; старший офицер; вкладыш


  1. COUNTY councillors yesterday agreed to stop subsidising some Essex youth groups, including the Brightlingsea Brass Marching Band.
  2. The biggest of these eccentricities are the baths, splendid six-foot Edwardian ones with their original brass taps and plug holes.
  3. Anyone who can help the Brightlingsea Marching Brass Band with premises or cash is asked to contact Mr Brookes on Chelmsford (0245) 287224.
  4. The bath was in the centre of the room, with an old-fashioned brass spigot.
  5. She reached for an old brass key.
  6. The giant was wearing an engraved power sword and a similarly enchased bolt gun in a holster of brass lined with slithery lizard hide.
  7. She had seen in her young days the island women carry brass bottomless bowls on their heads to support the old churns in which they delivered milk.
  8. Four large screws make sure the tailpiece is securely located, and it'll need to be, since all twelve strings anchor in its raised tail, so what looks like a decoratively machined brass rod at the back is in fact a dozen ball-ends grouped together!
  9. In the evenings, for relaxation and forgetfulness, Paul turned to his piano, and improved his playing, staring always at the green silk panels and brass candelabra on the upright front.
  10. Cook's pioneering excursionists to Scotland were greeted with crowd-lined streets, brass bands and cannon fire because the tourist was still unusual enough to be an entertaining curiosity.
  11. It is made of oak and willow, with brass strings.
  12. Danny Wilson use Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasia.
  13. All the other brass fittings, supplied by Chas.

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