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Перевод слова

Перевод: brain speek brain

головной мозг; мозг ; ум ; мозги ; умственные способности; рассудок ; умник ; голова ; умница ; электронная вычислительная машина; энцефалон ;
размозжить голову


  1. "It may look a mess in them stables but it's all in here," Stanley said, pointing to his brain.
  2. As the physical brain gets worn out it loses the power to record and express the action of the spirit.
  3. Fitzgerald's brain was also haunted by survivals of past literature, "The old music of bygone singers, rich haunting sentences of old leisurely authors, rang in his brain, and came unbidden to his pen.
  4. From boyhood Roberts displayed a brilliant and self-tutored mathematical brain and a rapacious appetite for radio knowledge, much of which he absorbed from the journal Wireless World and in public libraries.
  5. As Bauer put it in a recent BBC television discussion of covert recognition, "Our normal experience of perception, of seeing objects or faces as an all or none process, is a trick that the brain plays on us".
  6. The human brain shows a degree of complexity of a different order.
  7. Despite this difficulty, any final account of how the brain works will have to be interpretable in terms of what its constituent nerve cells do.
  8. The human brain was very inaccessible to any sort of experimental investigation.
  9. The neurologist diagnosed a possible brain haemorrhage, and had Rose admitted to a specialist hospital in London.
  10. The principle underlying this treatment method is the certainty that the central nervous system is capable of recovering function despite being damaged: any lesion in the brain, such as a blood clot, only interferes with one part of the brain, while other parts of the brain, plus the spinal cord, are left undamaged.
  11. The copy of the tune "Auld Lang Syne" that exists in my brain will last only for the rest of my life.
  12. In spite of the continuing scepticism and regardless of the clinical faults of the new drugs, many attempts were made to find out how and where in the brain they worked.
  13. When he states subsequently that "mental phenomena just are features of the brain", thus tying mental phenomena very rigidly to the brain itself, then I dissent.

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