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Перевод слова

Перевод: braid speek braid

шнурок ; тесьма ; тесемка ; галун ; коса ;
завязать лентой; заплетать лентой; плести; обшивать тесьмой; обшивать шнурком; оплетать; обматывать


  1. In December 1907, Ernest Fryer, the co-opted non-bondholder (although he acquired bonds several years later), and who was managing the course development, went to Walton Heath, (James Braid's club), to hasten the laying out of the bunkers.
  2. the paws; simulating the stitching and seams, merely suggesting the heavy black braid that defines the nose of the original bear.
  3. A hundred ghillies were burnishing silver and steel to an equally mirror finish; renewing silk braid and red sharkskin on belts, scabbards, quivers and the shoulder-slings of the ceremonial claymores; re-fletching arrows with peacock feathers.
  4. And also like Braid he had won the Open Championship four times by 1908 but he was to win twice more in 1911 and 1914.
  5. James Braid c.1945.
  6. The first report announced with regret that Harry Vardon, who was due to play in the Opening 36-hole match with James Braid, had caught 'flu and would be replaced by Rowland Jones who had "recently and convincingly beaten James Braid at Tooting Bec".
  7. His jewel being Gleneagles where he is commemorated by a hole called "Braid's Brawest".
  8. On the 18th Braid hit his 2nd shot into the road and he "might have damaged the steam roller" so it is some comfort for us to know that the course's own architect was penalised by his own design.
  9. Like Braid, the name of Vardon would have stirred local followers of the game.
  10. Gold braid glowed on his peaked hat and epaulettes.
  11. Braid apparently started work in February 1907.
  12. Alonzo chose mahogany, with the braid separating the bulk of the helmet from the peak.

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