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Перевод слова

Перевод: bound speek bound

обязанный; вынужденный; обязательный; непременный; готовый; направляющийся; решившийся; уверенный; связанный; ограниченный; переплетенный; в переплете; страдающий запором;
прыжок ; скачок ; предел ; отскок ; сильный удар сердца; граница ; ограничение;
отскакивать; ограничивать; граничить; быстро бежать; вызывать запор; вязать; задерживать; зажимать; затвердевать; обвязывать; обшивать; обязывать; переплетать; привязывать; прыгать; связывать; сдерживать; скакать; скреплять; служить границей; #past и p.p. от bind


  1. A Constellation aircraft of K.L.M. Royal Dutch Airlines left Schiphol Airport in Netherlands, bound for New York via Prestwick.
  2. Their father may know that if he simply "refuses to intervene" the older one, stronger and more resourceful, is bound to come out on top
  3. That enticing possibility is why they are bound to have a go.
  4. If (or ) is not defined because no 0 (or 0) then the upper (or lower) bound is absent.
  5. IBANEZ Artist Professional series, solid body, natural finish, bound edge and fretboard, age unknown, 250 ono.
  6. Any scheme that gives money directly to farmers is indeed bound to be more leak-prone, and need more bureaucrats, than a rigged-price system.
  7. The contract already signed for the new PWR reactor, the internal reorganization which is bound to create disruption, electricity privatization.
  8. If the diagnosis is uncertain and an array of diagnostic tests is required, then the patient is bound to be anxious both about the tests and the potential results, and inevitably, is worried if surgery is prescribed.
  9. A prescribed syllabus bound by the fulfilment of examination requirements still dominates the system, of course, but projects and assignments can be open-ended as well as closed, and the pupils in these situations are encouraged to use other information sources and develop other information acquisition techniques.
  10. It is the way in which Truth or God impinges on or finds expression in the lives of people and as far as Gandhi is concerned it is through the beliefs and traditions of the Hindu way of life that lie finds himself indissolubly bound to Truth.
  11. All members of the family are bound to be affected if father or mother suffers a severe hearing loss.
  12. If we apply the yardstick of affection and respect to all our dealings with the elderly and they feel this in everything we say to them, most of the small problems which are bound to arise when we are living together stand a reasonable chance of solution.
  13. It is because of the inherited beliefs and practices of the Hindu way of life that he is able to claim to be bound indissolubly to Truth.

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