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Перевод: boulder speek boulder

валун ; галька


  1. Every cindery boulder making up the jumbled chaotic surface is loose, irregularly angular in shape, and covered in razor-sharp protrusions.
  2. After a spot of scrambling below the summit of Carn Mor Dearg, the only intimidating section is at the other end, just below the boulder field that will take you to the summit of the Ben.
  3. "It's so that if somebody drops a bloody great boulder on yer nut it'll bounce off
  4. The bike bucked left as he hit a boulder and the front wheel struck the bank before he could straighten up.
  5. Resting against the corner of the building was a large triangular boulder.
  6. Where the snout, or end, of a glacier stayed in one place for many years - which was when the ice was advancing at the same rate as it was melting - more and more boulder clay was dumped at the glacier snout.
  7. The entrance, attained by a scramble over a boulder, immediately opens into a straight passage with a high roof providing very easy walking for 250 yards; then the roof level drops and further progress is possible only by crawling.
  8. Before I could say, "You bastards", they were specks in the mist as I huddled from the blizzard behind a boulder wondering if I wanted to be sick yet.
  9. Sometimes a single boulder bounds and clatters down the scree pile, echoing loudly, sometimes a larger mass breaks away, sometimes the scree itself shifts and readjusts itself in a prolonged rattling clatter - a noise rather like the sea swashing back over pebbles.
  10. This time I at least got past the lochan and up on to the boulder field that leads to the window.
  11. From here the last leg is a simple but muscle-tearing walk up a large boulder field to the summit of Ben Nevis.
  12. Little shrubs like Genista hispanica or Hebe "Broughton Dome" make compact green boulder shapes which will contrast with the looser forms of Genista lydia - smothered in acid yellow blooms in early summer - and silvery cotton lavender,, santolina.
  13. In the beech tree, over the boulder, the owl called, for all the bitter frost warm in his golden feathers, and soon Erika was in her fleece of down, sleeping the sleep of the young and the innocent and the pure of heart.

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