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Перевод слова

Перевод: booze speek booze

выпивка ; спиртной напиток; попойка ; пьянка ; запой ; бухало;
пьянствовать; напиваться


  1. Booze.
  2. "Secret society funds stolen by treasurer" or "IRB funds blown on booze"!"
  3. She was obviously under the influence of drugs, booze or both and as we approached, typically averting our eyes from the embarrassing spectacle, a girl of about 11 wiped a candle of yellow mucus from the woman's nose and resignedly helped her to her feet, staring at us with old, resentful eyes as we passed, reminding me of myself and the Saturday afternoon rescue missions.
  4. "You never had any Yorkshire pudding to line your stomach after all that booze."
  5. Anton smelled the booze on Parker.
  6. A. M. Three policemen on the evening patrol - lots of publicans used to leave bottles of beer on the doorstep for policemen and one of these policemen, he liked his booze.
  7. We must lay off the booze even during Holy Communion.
  8. But there's more booze at home."
  9. We don't ask a Hollywood actor whether his latest blockbusting performance was fuelled by cocaine or booze (though to be told that it was is mildly titillating), so why should we care how unorthodox were the preparations that preceded the athlete's explosion off the blocks?
  10. The Cockney porter who had smuggled in a bottle of booze for him said that one of them liked to satisfy herself with the aid of bottle necks.
  11. Fill him up with food and booze, direct him to a warm room and then pray hard.
  12. CHANCELLOR Norman Lamont came under heavy fire on booze tax yesterday.
  13. I saw this piece some time ago by Richard Burton in which he was talking about what happened to him when he gave up booze.

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