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Перевод слова

Перевод: bold speek bold

храбрый; самоуверенный; смелый; наглый; дерзкий; бесстыдный; отчетливый; подчеркнутый; рельефный; обрывистый; крутой


  1. The Irish Institute has taken bold steps to reduce the expectation gap, lobbying the government for changes in legislation that would allow implementation of several key recommendations put forward in the Ryan Report.
  2. In the Grevy's zebra there is a bold black central stripe surrounded by a bleached-out white area.
  3. Instead of looking to overcome their current problems with a bold outlook, George Graham opted for an approach which utterly lacked ambition.
  4. "We need a bold cut of three per cent now.
  5. Bold and clear, on my right and ahead of us, stood the craggy Blue Stack Mountains, rearing their heads in strange volcanic attitudes.
  6. They said my father looked a bit like Clark Gable, bold and bad, by all accounts a big guy.
  7. Be bold in chiffon and go for underlayers that show, like this black body beneath an orange hooded shirt.
  8. West Ham4 Norwich0 BILLY BONDS'S bold decision to swing the axe on some of his more complacent players had the desired effect as West Ham recorded their biggest League win of the season.
  9. ICI has done nothing so bold.
  10. It was a bold and expensive move, for the parish of Winston was small and, in consequence, so was the stipend.
  11. The first reaction is to reassure Mr Gorbachev that there was no bold US ambition to take strategic advantage of the collapse of Moscow's empire.
  12. There has been a revolution in printing techniques, and stationery with well designed bold letter headings is inexpensive to purchase, gives identity, creates impact, reinforcing the message of quality and care.
  13. Hand in hand with this measure goes an equally bold re-focusing of Labour's strategy concerning marginal constituencies.

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