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Перевод слова

Перевод: blow speek blow

удар ; несчастье; дуновение; порыв ветра; сильный порыв ветра; резкий выдох; сильный выдох; сморканье; хвастун ; продувка ; бессемерование; плавка в конверторе; дутье; кладка яиц; цвет ; цветение;
дуть; подуть; дунуть; поддувать; поддуть; веять; гнать; развевать; играть; раздувать; раздувать пламя; выдувать; продувать; сморкаться; взрывать; пыхтеть; тяжело дышать; навевать; навеять; хвастаться; транжирить; удирать; проворонить; упустить; проклинать; класть яйца; выдавать; выпускать фонтан; пускать; цвести


  1. He used his feet, danced, parried, and refused to mix blow for blow.
  2. Labour's fourth successive defeat was a crushing personal blow for Mr Kinnock, whose modernised party failed to oust the Conservatives despite the recession and the aftermath of the poll tax debacle.
  3. You've taken your certificate of competence, you can blow holes in the intruder with calm accuracy.
  4. Many men escape this, for most of them predecease their wives, but the majority of women have to face the crushing blow of widowhood.
  5. They were certainly striking a blow for short people.
  6. THE delicious Victorian Kitchen (BBC 2), successor to The Victorian Kitchen Garden, ended with a bit of a blow out.
  7. winds blow (participants do a marching on the spot
  8. "He looks like ye could blow him away tae," Pol said.
  9. Looks like just one blow.
  10. Thunder and lightning blow out of the wind.
  11. Four young girls are hanged for smuggling dynamite to blow up an Auschwitz crematorium.
  12. The strong running of Clough was an ideal complement to the subtlety of Carling; and Pilgrim, until handicapped by a blow on the thigh, showed how much improved he is.
  13. Calero said he had never heard of it, except to read about it: "Was that the one we were supposed to blow up on the high seas?"

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