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Перевод слова

Перевод: bleach speek bleach

хлорная известь; отбеливающее вещество; отбеливание;
белить; отбеливать; обесцвечивать; побелеть; отбеливаться; спиртовать


  1. But at 20 years of age I had no scruples about rubber gloves and bleach, and dealt with the problem straight away.
  2. "Oh, yes, second-hand ones you'd resuscitated with bleach, you mean bitch!"
  3. Arthur uses other woods and marrow bones ordered from the local butcher and boiled with plenty of salt to clean and bleach them.
  4. Featherweight Cardy Bleach Monkey boots
  5. Toilet cleaners : The use of such a description, unqualified, can be exceedingly dangerous as such products can be either bleach or acid based and the different products need to be kept apart.
  6. The name is a reference to Mr Donovan's evidence that he sometimes applied lemon juice to lighten his hair, although never bleach.
  7. Bleach.
  8. In fact though, Henry argued to himself, punch usually tasted of bleach.
  9. now to lie and bleach on stone.
  10. Two agents are commonly used sodium perborate (which is a compound of hydrogen peroxide and sodium metaborate and acts as a solid source of hydrogen peroxide) and sodium hypochlorite (common bleach) although other chlorine release agents are used.
  11. This way, it was going to be fairly obvious that someone had emptied a bottle of bleach into the punch but, since Henry could not possibly have a motive for murdering the whole of Maple Drive (as far as the police were concerned, anyway), it would be relatively easy for him to gasp in horror and dismay and to take the Wimbledon CID around the places where he had left the bowl of punch unattended.
  12. If the wood is very badly stained, it may require two applications of bleach.
  13. GASES AND AIRBORNE Fumes from chlorinated water and bleach DROPLETS Natural gas Industrial air pollution Aerosols Pesticide sprays

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