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Перевод слова

Перевод: blame speek blame

порицание; упрек ; вина ; ответственность ; обвинение;
порицать; считать виновным; пенять


  1. Meanwhile, he enters 1991 without an economic plan or budget (so everyone is having to improvise with last year's targets), and without a prime minister to blame for mismanagement (Nikolai Ryzhkov, who for months had been under pressure to resign and was about to be sidelined anyway, had a heart attack on December 25th).
  2. "But tell me, gentlemen," he continued, "you can hardly blame a Frenchman for hating the Germans, can you?
  3. I suppose one can't blame the regular officer trained in peacetime for being orthodox and cautious.
  4. The government puts particular blame on car makers and pharmaceutical companies for an inflation rate that in December was nearly 20%.
  5. You can blame the media, but really you ought to blame the readers.
  6. The strategy devised from this included setting out his shopping list for a post-election pact so far in advance that the Liberal Democrats would not get the blame if a deal fails to materialise, and a second election is forced.
  7. I hate talking about it because I hate making it sound as if someone is to blame but I just can't stand people who manipulate other people.
  8. The company says farmers not achieving good control from their herbicide should not automatically blame resistance.
  9. They were also content to leave the whole affair as far as they knew it, understood it or had allocated the blame for it.
  10. The magic wears off, and Swift advises women that they have only themselves to blame for a husband's loss of enthusiasm if they do not keep themselves clean:
  11. Politicians are not wholly to blame for failing to know the British.
  12. Much of the blame for their slide in popularity could be attributed to "Cabinet ministers arguing over their official residences, and backbench Tory MPs taking an independent line to further their own political careers".
  13. He also had a singing part - he had to sing "Don't Blame Me" - which was eventually left on the cutting room floor, along with about twenty minutes of Nicholson's spoken dialogue.

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