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Перевод слова

Перевод: bitter speek bitter

горький; мучительный; сильный; резкий; жестокий; едкий; ожесточенный; озлобленный;
горько; очень; ужасно; жестоко; резко;
горечь ; горькое пиво


  1. Another crewman, Jim Nalepka, recalls bitter arguments over half a biscuit and confesses to having thoughts about slitting the throat of one of his friends.
  2. The campaign became increasingly bitter and rancorous as it progressed.
  3. MAKE some turkey stock from the giblets (do not use the liver, it makes it bitter).
  4. - Stones Bitter Ch'ship: Bradford v Swinton, Castleford v Wakefield, Hull KR v Hull (3.15), Leeds v Halifax, St Helens v Wigan, Warrington v Widnes.
  5. This brought the bitter words from Duran, "How can I win in America a hint that the political climate between Panama and the United States is also manifested in boxing when Leonard's Siamese twin is the referee?"
  6. Bitter chocolate sabl with orange
  7. Only the inside, which is full of seeds, is eaten, as the outer skin is very bitter.
  8. Detectives, when they murmur "bitter almonds" at the scene of the crime, are detecting not cyanide but benzaldehyde, which is the essential flavour of bitter almonds.
  9. The coffee came with Unicum, a bitter spirit so much beloved by Hungarians that it is only available in expensive restaurants and hard-currency shops.
  10. At 42, he has discovered that success has a bitter taste, too.
  11. The dispute between America and the European Community over subsidies for Airbus is already bitter enough.
  12. SHEFFIELD EAGLES were doubtless declaring themselves unofficial world club champions last night - and it was not the Stones Bitter talking.
  13. Now open the bitter kit and pour most of the hopped concentrated wort into the 12 pint pan.

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