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Перевод слова

Перевод: bit speek bit

кусок ; кусочек ; частица ; небольшое количество; мелкая монета; бур ; бурав ; сверло; зубило; долото; лезвие; вставной резец; режущий край инструмента; губка тисков; бородка ; удила ; мундштук ; бит ; двоичный знак;
взнуздывать; взнуздать; обуздывать; сдерживать


  1. I know it's a bit penny-pinching
  2. It is not something peculiar to the Royal Family - people have very humdrum existences and the Royals provide a bit of excitement.
  3. That I too have done my little bit for pollution?
  4. I needed to earn a bit of extra money when I went on the tour and so I became a professional wrestler in my spare time.
  5. pick up, pick up your, your right foot what happens to your pelvis, does it go up a bit?
  6. "You look a bit tired, dear," Mrs Hobbs said.
  7. The "good-natured" flowers which sit firmly are used first - mock orange, philadelphus, "something with a bit of body".
  8. Whatever your circumstances, the point is that you should have enough money coming in in the Income column to meet the outgoings in the Expenditure column with, hopefully, a bit left over for rainy days and holidays.
  9. "Her mother was a very wealthy woman, and her father was a kind of handyman who helped out in the convent, and did a bit of work up at Westlands.
  10. "The rate at which you burn up energy varies quite a bit between individuals.
  11. I wouldn't go in without any make-up, even a bit of mascara and powder for my blotchy face would make me feel better.
  12. I think about it for a bit, then I ask her if I can afford some sandwiches.
  13. As he was scrambling up the steepest bit, pulling himself up by the bracken, he heard something.

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