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Перевод слова

Перевод: bind speek bind

лигатура ;
вязать; связывать; связать; привязывать; перевязывать; повязывать; переплетать; обшивать; затвердевать; вызывать запор; обязывать; обязать; скреплять; прикручивать; оковывать; ограничивать; зажимать; задерживать; жаловаться


  1. This region of dystrophin is known to bind actin in vitro and computer analysis identified two actinin-type actin-binding motifs at amino-acid positions 33-;42 and 107-;131 in DRP.
  2. The two remaining types bind to the surface of the cube.
  3. About to 1 teaspoonful of fine oatmeal to bind.
  4. "I don't like making men redundant," he said, "but we're caught in a double bind.
  5. A recruiting sergeant wore as a badge of office a plume of coloured ribbons in his shako; when a young man had been persuaded to enlist he was handed a shilling to bind the contract.
  6. Also, natural fibre such as bran products tend to bind to calcium, making it difficult for the body to use the calcium, making supplements more necessary than ever.
  7. Didn't I bind myself to Jordan for that reason? he thought.
  8. It got to be a bloody bind.
  9. TIES THAT BIND The adoption of electronic data interchange looks set to forge closer relationships between customers and suppliers during the 1990s
  10. The rules of a society and the trusts which bind its property will, in many cases, fetter its freedom of action and the application of its property, in a way very similar to the restrictions which the doctrine of ultra vires imposes on a corporation; and in the case of some unincorporated societies, such as registered Trade Unions and Friendly Societies, which have received a peculiar status by Statute, the rule of ultra vires has been held directly applicable.
  11. However, I would not claim that these displays have any culturally mediated symbolic meaning, as do the myths and rituals which bind human groups.
  12. These are organic molecules with an unusual crown-shaped arrangement of carbon and oxygen atoms (called "crown" ethers), that allows them to bind atoms of sodium and potassium.
  13. The sacred canopy of a still Christian England is not just a question of shared beliefs and a common moral perspective: it is an involvement in communal, religious and social rituals which bind people together.

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