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Перевод слова

Перевод: bias speek bias

косой; разрезанный;
косо; по диагонали;
уклон ; наклон ; пристрастие; склон ; покатость ; косая линия в ткани; предубеждение; предвзятость ; необъективность ; тенденциозность ; смещение;
склонять; настраивать; оказывать влияние; оказывать плохое влияние


  1. Amongst Sun readers, there was little difference between Labour and Conservative identifiers in their perceptions of its anti-Labour, pro-Conservative bias.
  2. Underlining government irritation with the success of Labour's presentation, some aides privately are complaining, for the first time in many years, about Labour bias in the Press.
  3. Yet when all allowance is made for this bias in the evidence, one cannot help being struck by the conspicuous part in our story which was played by the Empress Theophanu, the Empress Agnes, the Countess Matilda, St Margaret, the Empress Matilda, Queen Eleanor - great ladies who rose above the limitations of their sex, as commonly understood, as rulers, as saints or as viragos ; and the twelfth century would have been greatly the poorer without the life and work of the English Christina, the Hertfordshire anchoress, or of the French Heloise, the Stoic of the Paraclete, or of the German Hildegarde, the mystic of Bingen.
  4. The ZANU government, which came to power in 1980, had two major educational goals: to expand access to education and to end the racist bias of the previous system.
  5. This bias is reflected in practice, where medicine's primary concern is with the biophysical consequences of diagnosis and treatment, not its social causes and consequences (Freidson, 1970).
  6. Their perceptions of press bias did not prompt readers to reject press guidance.
  7. perceptions of net bias on ITV were very small indeed, the numbers who detected an anti-Conservative bias almost (but not quite) equalling those who saw a pro-Conservative bias.
  8. No doubt they chose their paper partly with that bias in mind.
  9. High perspective achieves an almost generalized view of land which can reflect an economic bias, Little attention is paid to the "content" of landscapes as artists give " little evidence of caring that the topography was a representation of the needs of the people who had created it."
  10. He blamed political bias, but when he had stood as a Labour candidate in the 1945 elections in which the socialists swept to post-war victory, Hugo had not won his seat.
  11. It also introduces a dangerous bias.
  12. Conservative politicians attack the BBC for its alleged left-wing bias (Newton, 1988a, p. 326); academic sociologists attack it for its alleged anti-trade union and pro-right-wing bias (Glasgow University Media Group, 1976, 1980, 1982; Beharrell and Philo, 1977).
  13. When the mechanism is itself not level, any corrections to the body have a built-in bias which has to be overcome before balance is regained.

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