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Перевод слова

Перевод: beyond speek beyond

вне; за пределами; вдали; дальше; на расстоянии; по ту сторону; позже; после;
загробная жизнь;
по ту сторону; после; позже; за; выше; сверх; вне


  1. Genes probably goes beyond most introductory courses and will also prove useful to advanced students.
  2. Beyond this a third detector picks up all the energy of hadrons - particles like protons and mesons that are built from quarks.
  3. Sensible, practical and tireless, they got on well together and were beyond praise.
  4. And they certainly never considered the stress that world markets would put on staff in the Nineties and beyond.
  5. But last night Taylor blasted: "What he said goes beyond his role of Chief Executive.
  6. There is nothing he can tell you beyond what I already have - that as far as we are concerned my mother has been dead for more than twenty years."
  7. Mystery is beyond human reason, but it is not against reason.
  8. The God-consciousness which is aware of its own limitations, and beyond that, of its own imperfection, becomes a consciousness of sin.
  9. He was first choice at number two until the 2nd World War called a halt to fully competitive soccer - and well beyond.
  10. "They went far beyond what is acceptable," said Miss Woodley.
  11. What is beyond disputes is that Battle produces the kind of seamless, creamy sound, and faultless intonation that recalls the girlish purity of Gundula Janowitz at the very height of her powers, and Perlman turns on all his customary warmth and charm from which even his relatively close positioning cannot detract.
  12. But the broadening of CND's agenda beyond British nuclear weapons and their closest causes and effects is either an admission of defeat or an absence of strategy (possibly both).
  13. They stopped just beyond the steps of the food office and, all the irritation seeming to flow from him, he looked at her meekly now as he said, "I may not see you again for weeks.

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