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Перевод слова

Перевод: best speek best

лучший; больший;
лучше всего; больше всего; вполне; очень; полностью; совершенно; основательно; правильно; далеко;
высшая степень; самое лучшее;
взять верх; перехитрить; провести


  1. Failure to do so would have put at risk all future Kindertransporte and, though in the last weeks of the peace the temptation to stay on in Britain must have been great, the escorts always did their best to get back.
  2. A policeman called to deal with the fracas suggested that it might be best if the nervous pair took the hint and left.
  3. In so far as he could limit expenditure, Napoleon III did his best.
  4. For some reason, best known to himself, rather than quickly tailing the fish, Father chose that moment to give Mother a lecture on the life-cycle of salmon, pointing out various aspects of salmon anatomy whilst doing so.
  5. It is a lay-up hole for me, a pitch-and-putt four at best."
  6. If you've got a job outside the home, it's a good ideas to talk to your doctor and to your employer about the best time for you to stop work.
  7. Best of them is the young Robert Merrill, who at least manages to extract some expression from Germont's part.
  8. Therefore "easing", which is normally presented as the opposite to work, can for the neighbourhood men (and also the community relations police) be construed as official police work, and quite often much of the best community work is done by neighbourhood men when they seem to be relaxing.
  9. If it had been impossible for one reason or another to use a boat on the water I would have done the best I could with a plummet and noted what I could see from the banks.
  10. "The best women always are," he went on.
  11. I figured it was the best way to keep the interaction between the guitar and the lyrics, which is the whole point for me.
  12. That kind of approach is, however, very much second best in comparison to a negotiated deal which provides you with genuine job security.
  13. Each is supported by parliamentary, industrial and media lobbies, and makes the best use of political trends, economic factors, technological change, and the rush of world events to reinforce its case for a larger share of the national cake.

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