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Перевод слова

Перевод: beside speek beside

возле; рядом;
рядом с; около; близ; по сравнению с; кроме; возле; мимо; помимо


  1. Moreover, these successes have to be set beside the less successful regeneration projects attempting to replicate the well known formula in cities such as Richmond (Virginia), Toledo (Ohio) and Flint (Michigan), all of which are faltering (Guskind, 1989).
  2. In absolute terror, I lay down beside him.
  3. There was the cold empty space in the bed beside her, the space where for over thirty years there had been a warm, reassuring presence.
  4. Steam power was first used to drive corn mills in the 1780s following its adoption in textile mills and the building of Albion Mill, beside the Thames at Blackfriars, London, in 1784, greatly influenced the development of milling.
  5. In this stillness she recalled how once she had so much loved sleep, half sleep, lying with Jack beside her, relaxing into sleep.
  6. He shook his head, and started walking away from the boat, Maggie falling into step beside him.
  7. At Stoke Poges as elsewhere, "the rude forefathers of the hamlet" had slept beside their ancestors in the shadow of the church in which they had worshipped.
  8. It was impossible to imagine herself standing about patiently feeding pigeons with a toddler beside her.
  9. McIllvanney shook a cigarette out of a packet, then opened his briefcase that lay on the floor beside his chair.
  10. Indeed they often constituted the source of their communities when new villages were laid out by the railway companies beside them.
  11. By 1972, presumably to guide people in the same predicament, posts five feet high had been driven into the ground beside the track.
  12. He came wandering towards me, obviously having admitted defeat, and I fell in beside him, companionably in step.
  13. The second was in another bin beside the Argos showroom two doors away.

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