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Перевод слова

Перевод: beneath speek beneath

внизу; ниже;
под; ниже


  1. Directly beneath the castle walls are the low, picturesque red roofs of the Italian quarter, where the masons and architects, artists and sculptors lodged when they first arrived from Italy to work for the kings of Bohemia.
  2. The holiday was a hot interlude beneath a blue sky beside a blue pool.
  3. Or chaffy grain beneath the
  4. The miners' strike failed to evolve into a veritable civil war (although, beneath the veneer of the tabloid media, it was getting pretty close) and a wave of pessimism was matched only by the resolve of the hardline few.
  5. It was then placed alongside the house on top of two 10 railway sleepers, which allowed room for pipework in the hollow sections beneath the filter unit.
  6. If the unconfined part of the aquifer is beneath high ground, and the confined part beneath low ground, then the potentiometric surface may be above ground level.
  7. His cross-legged knees were toasting nicely, poking from beneath the towelling robe as he bent, absorbed, over his task.
  8. I will even put a bed there, in the corner beneath the small window.
  9. "One of the boys was still visible when we arrived but he disappeared beneath the surface."
  10. She fixed him suddenly with a beady stare from beneath the crpy lids.
  11. Waistcoat and shirt rags pulled back from her shoulders along with the shift beneath, which had split like tissue paper.
  12. From where I lay I could see the repeated pattern of the sleepers slowly passing beneath the train.
  13. The Mal Strana or Lesser Town spreads beneath the castle to the banks of the River Vltava.

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