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Перевод слова

Перевод: bellow speek bellow

мычание; рев ; вопль ;
мычать; реветь; реветь от боли; рычать; рявкать; бушевать; орать


  1. "You are at zer wrong window!" the old lady announced in the bellow of someone whose hearing is going.
  2. Eachuinn Odhar thundered on the board with his silver-mounted drinking horn for the tumult to be still, and waved violently at his son to be seated again; but it was long before there was hush enough for even his bellow to make itself heard.
  3. "Push", "discipline" or "dig in" came hissing forth, and were once followed with a hilarious bellow when Parke made an injudicious shot selection: "brain'.
  4. Does Bellow think we should be amazed?
  5. One is the Prime Minister, who now bills and coos where she used to bellow.
  6. From behind the frosted-glass door there were bangs and scuffles and a wild drunken bellow.
  7. Sorella, an enormous woman who brings out Bellow's near-parental tenderness for physical peculiarity.
  8. "When they heard our bulls bellow the Skroelings ran away!'
  9. WHEN Saul Bellow wrote of America as the place where the "modern action" is, he might as well have included the whole continent: Central and South America, with their chaotic flux of civil wars, bloody massacres, assassinations, coups and putsches, are about as modern as the action gets.
  10. I intended to "exploit" my popularity in my country in order to impose upon my readers a book centred on the Ashkenazi civilisation, history, language and frame of mind, all of which are virtually unknown in Italy, except by some sophisticated readers of Joseph Roth, Bellow, Singer, Malamud, Potok, and of course yourself.
  11. BOOK REVIEW / The tooth and the socket: "The Bellarosa Connection" - Saul Bellow: Penguin, 3.50 pounds
  12. Bellow when last here: A playground for the rich.
  13. And in what Roth writes Roth and Bellow meet.

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