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Перевод слова

Перевод: beg speek beg

просить; умолять; упрашивать; упросить; вымаливать; выпрашивать; побираться; нищенствовать; просить подаяния; служить; стоять на задних лапах


  1. "I beg your pardon?"
  2. Moreover, all indices of the intensity of sexual selection beg a problem of fundamental importance: over what period should reproductive success be measured?
  3. The child was chuckling as Billy made faces at her and when he looked away Rachel's little face seemed to beg his attention.
  4. They beg you .
  5. But Tukaram said, "I am a man of low degree; I beg you will show me your kindness and favour."
  6. King: I beg thy pardon, Wapping.
  7. beg Sniff your kickers at the
  8. To argue that the early period represents a situation of "restricted" literacy is simply to beg the question.
  9. I realize this request comes without warning, but I beg you to consider it."
  10. Pope John's message to heads of state - broadcast on Vatican Radio on 25 October - made the front page of Pravda the next day under the banner headline: "We beg all rulers not to be deaf to the cry of humanity".
  11. As Guy Boas has described, he would welcome his creditors, immaculately dressed, and "beg them to share a bottle of the best wine, charm them with the wit of his conversation and send them away exchanging many mutual compliments and almost oblivious of their mission."
  12. When you tell Oreste that he has been blessed with a brother I beg you to remind him that he is his mother's first-born and as such has pride of place in her heart.

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