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Перевод слова

Перевод: beat speek beat

усталый; измотавшийся; ошарашенный;
удар ; бой ; пульсация ; биение; колебание; ритм ; размер ; такт ; отбивание такта; дозор ; обход ; район ; место облавы; газетная сенсация; что-либо небывалое; что-либо невиданное; бездельник ; битник ;
бить; ударять; колотить; хлестать; побивать; стучаться; махнуть; толочь; побеждать; превосходить; обходить; мошенничать; надувать; биться; отбивать; разбиваться; взбивать; выбивать; выколачивать; отлупцевать; лавировать; бороться; обыскать; хуякать [неценз.]


  1. Wycombe will make up their game in hand at Moss Lane this afternoon and go three points in front if they beat struggling Altrincham.
  2. THE unseeded Anders Jarryd of Sweden overcame a shaky start to beat fifth-seeded Kevin Curren in the semi-finals of the San Francisco Grand Prix tournament.
  4. Many a club golfer tries to swing harder, or tries to beat the wind conditions with mid-swing adjustments.
  5. Carl Prean, another former holder of the Top 12 who beat Douglas in the final of the Classic, is absent in Germany, which should give Cooke a better chance to revive his fortunes, although he does have two talented teenagers Matthew Syed and Michael O'Driscoll in his group.
  6. But I knew they were living in the past, knew too that there was no way that Allan Wells was going to beat me.
  7. Calvin Smith came in ahead of me but I beat the Pole Marian Woronin, who had run third at the previous European.
  8. With this new drill, the energy from the motor is transmitted directly to the drill bit via a piston and beat piece.
  9. Another military attraction will draw the crowds on August 1st (Yorkshire Day), when the massed bands of the RAF Regiment, the Royal Corps of Signals and the Green Howards, known as the "family regiment" of the North Riding, will beat retreat in the grounds of the magnificent Norman caste.
  10. Take care and beat the apple scab blues
  11. However, where they feel safe from the management's glare and there is a low risk of being attacked, the men often walk the beat together, although this risk ensures they never call at premises together.
  12. "He'll beat me up if he knows we're still friends," said Jack, looking round fearfully.
  13. Dropping out meant taking to the road, hitchhiking or biking far away from home, and the landscape became dotted with the beat replacements, the hippies.

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