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Перевод слова

Перевод: bear speek bear

медведь ; грубый человек; невоспитанный человек; спекулянт ; дыропробивной пресс; медведка ; козел [метал.] ; швабра ;
переносить; поддерживать; перевозить; носить; нести; направляться; поворачивать; держаться; простираться; нести на себе; иметь; выдерживать; вытерпеть; нести груз; нести тяжесть; опираться; давить; рождать; производить; приносить плоды; уродить; вынашивать; вести себя; терпеть; стерпеть; вынести; питать; подпирать; играть на понижение


  1. In many places the cultural context of the original account may bear sufficient likeness to our own to enable us to interpret what transpires without much difficulty.
  2. Joe's behaviour can also be sdescribed as mildly odd: his fear of returning to prison shows in his encouragement of the local children to play policeman games, telling them he will put bad boys into his private jail, and a sense of contrition over the faulty aircraft parts means he cannot bear having anything the house that ought to be thrown away.
  3. "It took me a while to find out he ( Rare Bear ) pulled out because I couldn't hear that well on the radio.
  4. Then Rupert Bear explains his find, "It's Chinese magic!
  5. Notice that these conventions bear limited relation to anything observed in reality: they are conventions, they have to be learnt.
  6. She loved animals, and she couldn't bear to see the poor black cat trapped in the tree, unable to free itself.
  7. Most of the plates bear one or two scratched numbers of the reverse: their meaning has not yet been identified but a research student from the Rijksmuseum has made a detailed survey of them and will be publishing his findings in the journal Print Quarterly at a future date.
  8. In such languages, titles for women often bear a feminine ending such as the German - in or Italian - essa .
  9. Another asked for the name of a good travel agent, while a third declared: "I do not think I can bear another five years of Andrew Lloyd Webber; I'm off."
  10. Many still bear the scars of Nazi oppression.
  11. There is a Titanic bear based on a teddy which survived that disaster in 1912 and a Mister Whoppit bear which was the only object to re-surface when Donald Campbell's boat disintegrated while he was trying to break the world water speed record on Lake Coniston in 1967.
  12. However, if you and your partner can bear to tear yourselves away from this opening track(I'd just hit the repeat button, and get on with it!), there's always the Adagio from Rachmaninov's Second Symphony (track 7), perhaps the greatest musical panacea for those out of love.
  13. They bear this responsibility not only that the patients may receive safe and competent nursing care but that the nurses working in those settings are not rendered vulnerable by excessive pressure.

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