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Перевод слова

Перевод: barely

едва; прямо; только; лишь; открыто; просто


  1. Arlene thought, barely able to conceal her jubilation.
  2. The tattooed man sat up in the middle of the lesson, his blankets draped like a toga and barely concealing "Jane" and "King Kong" on his chest.
  3. It was sleeting so hard we could barely see for 30 yards.
  4. The result, at least in Nikol'skaia volost', was that the few literates from the old regime were starting to occupy the best bureaucratic jobs and to run parish-pump economics and politics in ways barely supervised from above and in fact quite inimical to the aspirations of the guberniia officials.
  5. Even though this is barely above the rate of inflation (6.1%), it stands ready to cut rates again.
  6. Sitting with the curtains open and the moon shining in on the barely begun big glass, he wrote, sitting keeping vigil with it all night after my walk with Paz, I was afraid.
  7. The track continued along the bottom of the ravine but was barely distinguishable among the tumbled ruins of winter.
  8. A necessary condition of this is that there has been sufficient money to enable it to function (barely true for instance in Zaire, and parts of Nigeria and Tanzania in the 1980s), and that civil strife has been contained, sometimes ruthlessly.
  9. There was barely a chink of light between the 11 over the speed with which the European Community should move towards a semi-federal economic and monetary system.
  10. Spindly creatures barely 18ins tall, fertilised with optimism, they formed a picket line 150ft long up the garden's steep slope to a field of grazing horses.
  11. The oppression of Black communities which justifies policy intervention but barely touches on policy implementation may be mirrored rather than challenged in the nebulous realm of academic research.
  12. All the fresh water in the world's lakes and streams represents barely 0.01 per cent of the earth's total store of water, which is mainly saline.
  13. Greenslade was dismissed from his Mirror post after barely a year, but denies any trace of sour grapes.

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