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Перевод: baptism speek baptism



  1. We may find that some of the ideas we want to test are very difficult ones; certainly, in using this particular example of baptism, we are not taking the easiest idea ever put forward.
  2. He turned to his sons demanding to know whether there was or was not to be a baptism party that night, and whether or not I would be the only white present.
  3. Don't forget to take with you your baptism and confirmation certificates.
  4. Christ's birthday only became important for the Church when infant baptism replaced adult baptism.
  5. The Devils face a baptism of fire in the Premier Division, with games at Ayr and Murrayfield.
  6. The Civil War and the intervention of the Great Powers were a baptism of fire for the Bolsheviks.
  7. The researcher engaged in the social study of baptism may well decide at an early stage of the study that in modern British society baptism is more of a social than a religious ceremony.
  8. Child baptism is the equivalent of circumcision in the Old Testament and in the modern Jewish household.
  9. We share His life through the water of baptism which washes us clean and brings new growth into our lives.
  10. First of all there was the paperwork: it was necessary to obtain permission from the head of the family, to have a certificate of baptism for each emigrant, to obtain exemption from military service for males, to have no criminal record and to prove how the voyage would be paid for.
  11. This was followed by a presentation by Mr Michael Foley on "Celebrating Baptism as a Parish Community".
  12. The 1982 dispute was my baptism of fire.
  13. Ice Hockey: Devils in baptism of fire

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