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Перевод слова

Перевод: bang speek bang

как раз; вдруг; прямо;
сильный удар; удар ; стук ; внезапный шум; взрыв ; звук взрыва; звук выстрела; стремительность ; напор ; удовольствие; наслаждение; челка ; высушенные листья и стебли индийской конопли; гашиш ;
ударять; ударить; стукнуть; удариться; стукнуться; грохнуть; бахнуть; бахать; хлопнуть; захлопнуть; захлопнуться с шумом; бить; тузить; превосходить; перегонять; подстригать волосы челкой


  1. The commission structure is a significant improvement on pre-Big Bang charges at a minimum of 16 and a rate of 1.25 per cent on the first 2,500 of a transaction, falling to 0.75 per cent for the next 2,500 and 0.2 per cent thereafter.
  2. To make sure your Christmas doesn't go with a bang instead, here's a checklist for the festive season.
  3. The "Little Bang" Theory cannot be completely dismissed, but it is today generally discounted.
  4. The thing that's flying towards me is multicoloured - I'm being beaten up by colours - grass-green violet scarlet beige BANG rust indigo lime BANG! rose-pink slate-grey flame-orange BANG BANG! - and the colours have got my face.
  5. A healthy distrust since Big Bang in October 1986 of stockbrokers' research.
  6. The castles in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Fantasia were based on this magical structure.
  7. International: Italy's poll campaign ends with a bang
  8. There was this awful feeling of helplessness, waiting for the big bang.
  9. Bang, bang, bang!"
  10. The actions for "one went bang" are to point one finger and then clap hands once.
  11. The consumer boom was fuelled not just by the falling savings ratio at a time when economic growth allowed incomes to rise strongly, but also by (a) tax cuts, especially in the budgets of 1987 and 1988 and (b) readily available credit - particularly in the aftermath of the deregulation of the City in 1986, known as Big Bang.
  12. But if we rush, bang and crash our way to change we'll lose everything - and we might never get it back.
  13. U. S. Defence Secretary Charles Wilson said, with a shrewd businessman's satisfaction, that the new type of H-Bomb tested at Bikini gave "a bigger bang for the buck".

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