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Перевод: background speek background

задний план; фон ; предпосылка ; подоплека ; данные ; истоки ; объяснение; подготовка ; образование; квалификация ; биографические данные; происхождение; подноготная ; обстановка ; место действия; фон программы; сопровождение


  1. Inevitably, given his background, its research has found its most appreciative audience among Christian Democrats.
  2. Given the complexity of many of the objects, and the almost endless possibilities of treatment that could have befallen them, the scientist needs the collaboration of the art historian, in addition to a very wide experience of antiquities and knowledge of the technical processes of the past, in order to reconstruct as much as possible of a particular object's background history.
  3. If the display contains a short written piece by the teacher giving a little background about its purpose and merits then attention of visitors and others has a focus and they can join in fully with the celebration.
  4. In that ninety seconds I want every one of the 13 million viewers to concentrate on the speaker - not on someone else scratching their nose in the background.
  5. Normally a biosensor cannot be used for practical biofluid measurements without some degree of protection from background interference and biofouling.
  6. Full-time courses are set alongside part-time programmes, short courses and extra-mural study, ensuring a student population balanced in age, varied in background and experience and strong in commitment to study and achievement.
  7. Contributions were given by Dr J. Beaumont (NPL) on the historical background to NAMAS and the international accreditation situation; Dr S. Jerome (NPL) spoke on radionuclide standards and nuclide standardisation methods; and Dr J. Fleming (LGC) discussed the Valid Analytical Measurement programme and its future.
  8. Background to the Study
  9. The actual degree awarded to an individual will be that which is most appropriate to his or her background and experience and carries with it all the rights and privileges of membership of the University.
  10. A background paper to the social security review estimated that the number of one parent families would be between a million and 1.5 million by 2005/6.
  11. Even so, if the enthusiasts for the citizenship ideal sought comfort from this proliferation of interest against the background of a decline in party commitment, they might have been chastened by one reaction to the report of the Speaker's Commission.
  12. There is one large interesting watercolour with a background of the Langdales, a middle ground of Hornby Castle and a foreground of the lower falls at Rydal; all this is explained at the foot of the picture.
  13. The promises to cut taxes had been brushed to one side, but it was unlikely that the government would wish to fight the next election against a background of undertakings that would entail their actually being increased.

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