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Перевод слова

Перевод: back speek back

задний; отсталый; тыльный; отдаленный; обратный; запоздалый; старый; просроченный;
назад; обратно; вспять; тому назад;
спина ; спинка ; хребет ; задняя сторона; тыльная сторона; задняя грань; оборотная сторона; изнанка ; защитник [спорт.] ; гребень ; висячий бок пласта; кровля ; потолок ; большой чан; обух ; подкладка ; корешок ;
подкреплять; подпирать; поддерживать; примыкать; субсидировать; держать пари; двигать в обратном направлении; осаживать; пятить; двигаться в обратном направлении; отступать; идти задним ходом; пятиться; ездить верхом; садиться в седло; приучать к седлу; носить на спине; переплетать; служить подкладкой; служить спинкой; ставить; ставить на подкладку; граничить; индоссировать [ком.]; служить фоном


  1. As a film like Scandal , which dealt with the Profumo affair, might make young people go back and check out more about what was happening in the early sixties, so I was doing the same in terms of the fifties.
  2. You know the last time I went back to Britain, I was going for a month but I changed my flight and left two weeks early.
  3. He agreed, and we went back to the ball.
  4. Remembering the dangers of our two traps, may I propose that we take an imaginative journey back in time to the year 1700?
  5. Sir David, who piloted Rolls-Royce Motors back to success after the "71 crash and who is due to retire next month, says: "It depends how we do it - there are so many ways of developing a new Rolls-Royce.
  6. I went back to the porch and hid my night bag behind a headstone and then left for another long walk to Harwich.
  7. Because we are immersed in the culture of the modern world as actor-participants, it takes an effort of will to stand back and look clearly with Christian discernment.
  8. Haydn's back at the double
  9. Gingham's back this summer - we've teamed lots of different colours.
  10. Martin Crowe set the South African bowlers back on their heels by ignoring his safety-first opener John Wright and sending the pugnacious left-hander Mark Greatbatch in first with Latham.
  11. It was Gazzer, still clinging on like a monkey and kicking out at Simon, who was dragging him back.
  12. Daughter Jacqueline was conceived on the back seat, and he was a witness at Udo and Rita's wedding.
  13. Liza did not know how she got back to her billet, only that she had bicycled so fast and furiously that, as she flung herself on her bed, she thought, grimly, that if anyone had reason to miscarry at that juncture it was she herself.

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