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Перевод слова

Перевод: bachelor speek bachelor

холостяк ; бобыль ; бакалавр ; рыцарь


  1. The King was to stay in the Deanery, and the modest but elegant house nearby of the bachelor Prebendary Ken appeared a convenient place in which to billet Nell Gwynne, who ranked about third among the King's mistresses.
  2. It seems that being married is less stressful and more exciting than being a bachelor but both think doing something tough and physical such as white water canoeing would ease stresses and strains.
  3. Sarah secured her post at Devons School immediately after completing a four-year Bachelor of Education degree at Bath College of Higher Education where she specialised in four to eight-year-olds.
  4. However, males from the bachelor section of the band harass owners until they are able to travel with the harem as a second male in what emerges as a two-male team.
  5. The spiralling motion of electro-magnetic energy generated from the ether of space and the proceeding symmetry occurring throughout Nature has become the long-time concern of Christopher Illert, Bachelor of Science and one of the world's foremost theoretical mathematicians (IQ well over 200!).
  6. It was the second time that Oldfield, a bachelor and former public schoolboy from Crosby Road, Birkdale, Southport, had come under suspicion for sexually abusing children in his care.
  7. She had only once before raced at a distance beyond two miles, in the Jockey Club Cup at Newmarket in November 1905, when she had won, hard held, by half a length from Bachelor's Button.
  8. But then, afterwards, I learned that the other members of the party had accepted him as a bachelor and he had gone along with that."
  9. St Denis, the 500-;1 outsider (despite his Classic form) on account of his role as pacemaker for Bachelor's Button, went straight about his task and took a good lead as the runners came past the stands, packed with morning-dressed spectators on a stiflingly hot afternoon.
  10. It was known, also, that the old lady had been friendly with his mother; and anyway, being a bachelor and retired, he could usually be counted on to take sufferers to hospital in emergency, or bring them home; as well as visiting murderers in prison, and other tasks (often called do-gooding by people who have never been remotely in need of that particular little world).
  11. "Ludo was very popular as a bachelor.
  12. The play was the true story of bachelor Mr Lewis, author of The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, and his meeting at the age of 50 with writer Joy Davidman.
  13. A married man's pall was expected to be supported by his married friends; if single then bachelor colleagues would perform the duty; likewise for spinsters - but not so for children (except in certain rural areas), married women or widows, when the responsibility was delegated either to adult male relatives of the deceased or the undertaker's own men.

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