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Перевод слова

Перевод: awful speek awful

ужасный; внушающий страх; вызывающий страх; внушающий благоговение; внушающий глубокое уважение; величественный;


  1. " as they pass the three-furlong marker, it's still the Guppy, who's made every yard of the running, behind him a group of horses led by the grey Prince Charming, Cy McCray has yet to move on Breakdancer, Shine On has an awful lot still to do"
  2. The Nigerian-born flanker suffered such awful complications to the infected ankle that he considered legal action against one of the hospitals that treated him.
  3. What a bloomin' awful day: and with Sherlock away too
  4. At least it would end the awful suspense.
  5. The festival's pretty awful, so we're entertaining each other."
  6. They were in metaphorical chains themselves, like slaves, and their lives were awful tales of squalor and misery.
  7. Ted Smith was a marvellous goalscorer for Crystal Palace on both sides of the Great War and, if that awful event had not reduced the impact of his career with us, it is almost certain that he and not Peter Simpson would have been our leading goalscorer of all time.
  8. She did try, writing what she describes as "two of the most frightful purple passages of stream of consciousness prose", but they were so awful she threw them away.
  9. They drank coffee, Jay's brain slurring off some awful truth.
  10. That's why people invent gods, even vicious, vengeful ones, to account for all the awful things that happen."
  11. Again, like Hambros, Barclays found that "an awful lot of work" had to go into converting its figures into the common format agreed for the exercise.
  12. I have an awful suspicion that morning TV here could soon lurch towards its American counterpart, with deep daily deliberations about you and your psyche/milkman/rocking horse/ puma/postman.
  13. Awful anxiety, anguish, great restlessness

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