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Перевод слова

Перевод: aware speek aware

сознающий; знающий; осведомленный


  1. Factors are keen to shed the negative image they have had since the 1960s and to make more companies aware of the service they can provide
  2. Become aware that you are not alone.
  3. One common and developing need that all libraries are increasingly aware of, is the need to introduce new members of the profession to a wide range of working situations, and arrangements for visits or exchanges of trainees, with local university libraries, were noted by a quarter of our sample of public libraries.
  4. "Those who followed his career in television, from the role of humble assistant film editor, up through the features department of Granada Television, through to his incredibly successful period as editor of the BBC magazine programme, Holiday '76 , knew him to be resourceful, keen, and deeply aware, not only of the problems of travel - his chosen speciality - but also-of such things as cuisine and interior design."
  5. In fact, Mr Shiratori has been one of Japan's representative's on the IASC since 1984 and is well versed in all the issues; he is also well aware that he has taken up the reins of office at a critical time for the IASC.
  6. Charles III of Spain was well aware that his country, unlike France, could not support a long, full-scale war; a sudden, successful invasion was another matter, and, in August 1778, the Spaniards suggested an immediate attack by their joint fleets, as a preliminary to a major landing.
  7. Although we are all aware of relatively simple security measures such as password controls, doing a thorough job requires experience and expertise.
  8. Jacob was keenly aware of that.
  9. Look at everything around you; be aware of the weather; listen to any noises which you might hear.
  10. We must be aware of this and constantly compare the copy with the real thing to see if it is still valid.
  11. With those he attacks he shares the premiss that all that we are directly aware of are ideas, which have no existence apart from a perceiving mind.
  12. Of this, he is well aware.
  13. Although most scholars are aware of this problem with respect to women's writing, some prefer simpler terms.

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