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Перевод слова

Перевод: average speek average

средний; обычный; нормальный;
среднее число; средняя величина; убыток от аварии судна; распределение убытка от аварии между владельцами;
составлять; равняться в среднем; выводить среднее число


  1. The quick run back gives 10.9mpg (for a range of just 220 miles) and the average for the 715-mile week is 13.7mpg.
  2. If the omitted community costs (housing costs and personal living expenses) are added to the above community service costs they would add on average another 60 per week (see Appendix IV).
  3. Sir Leon said there was no need for the United Kingdom to wait for its inflation rate to reach the European average before joining the exchange rate mechanism, nor to hold back until the further removal of capital and exchange controls next summer.
  4. More riskily, the budget announced in December was based on the assumption that the oil price would average 22 a barrel for the year; it is not much more than 17 now.
  5. The average Cuban in the United States has better moral values and more love for the family than the average American.
  6. It is part of the daily truck in street markets; it the kind of thing which turns on the average car dealer; it is part and parcel of many of the transactions carried out in the building trade and cash or at least early settlement means a better price for the retailer when negotiating with a manufacturer.
  7. People over 85 cost the health service, on average, more than 13 times as much as peopled aged 5-;64.
  8. Again 10 per cent is about the average.
  9. In August, 1920, the average cost of a local authority house was 930, about two and a half times as much as before the war.
  10. The torpid staff inside showed no inclination to outpace your average snail until I mentioned that the dog could contain a considerable volume of food and was suffering from a severe dose of Delhi Belly.
  11. THESE clubs are characterised by having an above average proportion of their revenue deriving from cricket.
  12. Israel consumes about 2140 kWh/year per capita, compared with a world average of 1285 kWh/year and an American average of 11 000 kWh/year.
  13. All functions scored reasonable marking between 3 and 4, but book selection and acquisition obtained the lowest average marking at 3.14 - the main reasons for dissatisfaction being given as lack of currency, inaccuracy of cataloguing-in-publication data, and lack of comprehensiveness.

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