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Перевод слова

Перевод: attempt speek attempt

попытка ; проба ; покушение; опыт ;
пытаться; пробовать; испробовать; попробовать; делать попытку; покушаться


  1. Stoner in fact discovered, as I did eventually, that asking the obvious, straightforward things that worried opponents of nuclear power often got much more interesting answers than any attempt to confront the technicalities.
  2. Do not attempt to sweep or hook a solidly planted opponent.
  3. Primatologist Emil Megel at the State University, New York, at Stoney Brook, concluded a conference on methods in the analysis of social interaction by asking workers to "develop and refine methods which explicitly recognise and exploit, rather than attempt to eliminate, the observer's prescientific, intuitive and global forms of judgement
  4. A particular feature of such a view of what is just is that any attempt to translate it into practice must begin by favouring the weakest and the least advantaged, since these are the people least likely to have the opportunity to enjoy an equal share of what we have, and are thus most in need of help.
  5. We therefore attempt to overcome this tendency by what we feel is the honesty of "objectivity".
  6. They were described at the time as an attempt at "counter-revolution", and in subsequent years many thousands of Albanians have been arrested and punished.
  7. He deserves separate attention, though I shall not attempt an exposition or interpretation of Derrida's thought, which I am incompetent to undertake.
  8. His fertility, narrative gift, gift for experiments and impromptus, are such as to bewilder the attempt to form a judgement of any particular work.
  9. This Marx and Engels were to attempt to do in more detail in their subsequent works.
  10. Hard line General Menendez was commanding the troops on the Falklands, while Thatcher said that any attempt to breach the blockade would mean hostilities.
  11. Penelope, however, it had to be acknowledged, had made no attempt to rise above the blow she had been dealt by finding a dazzling girl of her own age favoured over herself in her uncle's will.
  12. I give her one and they stay watching me - which I gather, in the absence of any attempt at conversation, is the point of their visit - as I write.
  13. Plato said that we should attempt "to carve nature at its joints".

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