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Перевод слова

Перевод: assume speek assume

принимать; принимать на себя; брать на себя; присваивать; предпринимать; присваивать себе; узурпировать; предполагать; допускать; притворяться; симулировать; напускать на себя; быть самонадеянным; быть высокомерным; принимать характер; вступать; вступать в должность


  1. Let us assume, for example, that a budget is agreed for a department and includes depreciation (or capital charges) of 12,000 for the year.
  2. Dworkin makes it clear that as the question of what form the public hearing should assume is itself a policy question, it is, accordingly, beyond the remit of the courts to interfere with this.
  3. For example, if I assume a man is honest when in fact he is a rogue, he may cheat me when I trust him.
  4. But beyond this most people assume that there will be some actual teaching of such things, and particularly that their children will receive sex education and, by statute, religious instruction.
  5. All were agreed that multiple homage was an aberration, displeasing to God; but we may assume that it was rare for a man to refuse a good gift or a bargain on this account.
  6. It should be remembered that generalisation about bereavement or any deep experience in life can be dangerous if carried to extremes, and if you are caring for an elderly parent of either sex who has lost his or her partner, you will have no idea of just how painful their sorrow is for them, so it will be wise simply to assume, whatever their reaction may be, that they are going through a very bad time indeed.
  7. I assume the aircraft had been hit.
  8. Alternatively, a chair could be elected from within the family; if the person acting as chair varied, a teenager could be given a valuable chance to assume and exercise responsibility.
  9. "I assume the room has a private bath and colour TV?"
  10. The old adage "you only get what you pay for" doesn't always apply - never assume that the system costing 800 is going to be twice as effective at the one costing 400.
  11. Among those concerned with language teaching some assume that such a model must also be directly relevant to problems of pedagogy, that in general the principles and objectives which define the discipline of linguistics must necessarily also apply to the subject of language teaching in the school curriculum.
  12. We have here further evidence of the need for ASWs to assume a social risk rather than mental health orientation (Sheppard, 1990).
  13. Further, assume that the map consists of a sheet of neurones, with particular neurones corresponding to particular places, the pattern being geometrically similar to the environment being mapped.

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