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Перевод слова

Перевод: assemble speek assemble

созывать; собирать; собираться; составлять; монтировать


  1. My whole raison d'etre of this job is to assemble the most fabulous team."
  2. The actual port area was wired in and guarded, but the plan was to assemble the canoe outside.
  3. All officers of BEF Draft 102, please assemble on the foredeck for disembarkation.
  4. "That snipping is absolutely essential to allow the final virus to assemble."
  5. The criss-crossing between one sequence and another invites the reader to form interpretative connections between them, to assemble a lattice-like text - until, that is, we enter the Zone.
  6. These can be made to measure if required, but some, such as spirals and the straight stairway, can be bought as kits for you to assemble yourself.
  7. At last we are going aboard a tank-landing craft: I slip off my rucksack, assemble the bagpipes, a couple of minutes to tune up, then on with the rucksack and we march on to the craft to the tune Highland Laddie .
  8. All he thought he had done was to assemble a collection of his favourite songs.
  9. Lt-Gen Sir Jeremy Mackenzie, 51, commander of 1st British Corps in Germany, will assemble an international military staff at corps headquarters in Bielefeld and prepare to move in October to the Corps headquarters at Rheindhalen, formerly HQ British Army of the Rhine.
  10. Indeed such a force exists and permits atoms to assemble into molecules by sharing some of their electrons, while their nuclei have short range repulsion.
  11. Assemble the sides on the ground, using stout rustic poles treated with a timber preservative and galvanised nails.
  12. Assemble
  13. I assemble motors in the store department.

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