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Перевод слова

Перевод: aspire speek aspire

стремиться; домогаться


  1. Many non-owners are happy to go to their local riding school for their weekly lesson or hack and never aspire to anything greater.
  2. Other institutions which grew in stature might aspire, one day and if they behaved, to become universities themselves.
  3. Long ago, Keith (now Lord) Joseph convinced me that those who aspire to succour the poor, help the helpless, support the weakest, must keep the horse before the cart.
  4. Nor, conversely, does it aspire to art-pop status, because its aim is to be truthful to its mediocre soul.
  5. Nobody who was not born in a manor house should aspire to one, for if he gets his wish, what a mess that manor house soon will be!
  6. Though both may now be too old to aspire to run the company (they are 59 and 60, respectively), they clearly remain ambitious.
  7. Lina Stimpson thinks this is because the residents are mostly Londoners who have "bettered themselves" and are "putting their confidence in what they aspire to be".
  8. Police earnings in the 1920s were substantial by comparison with most other occupations to which a working man could aspire.
  9. Souvenir shops don't aspire to much, but Euroline, 55 Boulevard Adolphe Max, sells sturdy Euro-blue brollies and watches studded with the twelve EC stars.
  10. Any policy which aims at exorcising envy and the concomitant sense of guilt - the reason why so many intellectually eminent individuals are attracted to levelling doctrines, because they aspire to purge the sense of guilt to which eminence itself is prone - by measures of social or economic equalisation is foredoomed to failure, because it rests on the false presumption that envy and envy-guilt exist only because they are "justified", because the materials exist on which they feed.
  11. If not then make it your goal to aspire to some of the qualities mentioned, to live with courage, dignity and self-respect.
  12. The point we sought to make, Mr Smith, was that it was ludicrous to assume - as Ford has - that millions of people aspire to nothing better than an average car, and to note that the master marketeers will probably get away with peddling mediocrity yet again.
  13. To be a good business man is the epitome of development and these learned people secretly aspire to that goal.

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