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Перевод слова

Перевод: argue speek argue

спорить; аргументировать; убеждать; доказывать; обсуждать; разубеждать


  1. The conception of knowledge as everyday communication through language points to the empirical domain that I will argue the sociology of knowledge should study.
  2. If students can argue for the project's viability, through research and costings, then finance is released for production by a commercial printer and the students follow through their marketing plan in order to recoup the investment.
  3. Newton and Karran argue that "the case for the present degree of control is built on shabby theory and lacks empirical support.
  4. The introduction of this technology will thus lead, the optimists argue, to an increase in the overall level of skill and knowledge required by the working population.
  5. No one would argue about that and she believes it's the duty of any prime minister to lead from the front.
  6. Some will argue that it was the decade when "real" music was murdered by Stock, Aitken Waterman or rap, but on the other hand the "real" musician of mature years had never had it so good-Chris De Burgh, Fleetwood Mac and Eric Clapton never sold so many tickets, or so many records.
  7. This is not so, they argue, because we apprehend the world through a system of meaning which we have learned from others and of which language is an essential part.
  8. Others, for the same reasons or for what they believe are reasons of legal principle, may argue that no murder is committed, on the basis of the reasoning noted earlier that the ventilator is "prolonging life", and turning it off is an omission permitting death, not a commission causing death.
  9. I do not wish to argue that one is an act of killing and the other an omission to treat, or that there is active, as opposed to passive, conduct.
  10. And how inevitably people argue falsely from any experience that an author has shared with a character: nearly always it meant something different.
  11. Some argue for a distinction between soft and hard porn; others for a distinction between erotica and pornography.
  12. Is it likely, they argue, that both the Parsons and I should have decided, quite independently, to visit that particular pub on that particular day at that particular time?
  13. In 1979 Rod Stoneman (now a commissioning editor for Channel 4) could argue confidently for increased subsidy for alternative networks of film exhibition and distribution because

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