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Перевод слова

Перевод: ardent speek ardent

горячий; пылкий; страстный; ревностный; горящий; пылающий; ярый


  1. This may be smugly satisfying to those of us who sit on the sidelines, but even ardent moralists must soon start to wonder whether the Boesky boom in show trials has overplayed itself.
  2. After a polo match at Cirencester Charles caught Diana's arm and suppressed the flirtatious giggle on her lips with an ardent kiss.
  3. He was an ardent Presbyterian and supported all church activities, especially the Womens' Christian Temperance Union (WCTU), the Down With Drink Society, the YMCA, the YWCA and St Andrews's Church.
  4. Having devoted much of his career to the personnel function and having been an ardent advocate of participative management, he talks about such problems with an obvious depth of feeling.
  5. By their own admission, Lucy and Margaret aren't "committed dance freaks", more curious observers and ardent admirers of good music.
  6. No one who reads the three solid essays in what is described as the catalogue of the exhibition (though it isn't quite that) can think that "Barnumising" in any way describes Pound's ardent response to painting and sculpture, photography and architecture, first in London 1908-;1920, then in Paris 1920-;1925, and thereafter in Italy.
  7. There were last minute threats by ardent Thatcherite MPs, notably Teresa Gorman, that they would consider resigning the party whip were he to win.
  8. But colleges shrink ultimately from stopping a person doing what he is ardent to do and forcing him to do what he is bored to do.
  9. However, his allies in the cabinet - the finance minister, Mr Ryutaro Hashimoto, the party secretary-general, Mr Ichiro Ozawa, and Mr Okuda, the home-affairs minister - are all ardent followers of the former prime minister, Mr Noboru Takeshita.
  10. To add to the tension Kay's ardent admirer, Ted Latimer, is staying in the hotel across the bay.
  11. For many years, people have been astonished at the "revolting judicial behaviour" of the European Court of Justice, whose determined promotion of European integration has surprised even the most ardent federalists.
  12. It transpires that Professor Sir Alan Walters, Prime Minister Margaret "Brunnhilde" Thatcher's favourite economist, is an ardent fan of the late Richard Wagner, composer of Germanic opera cycles.
  13. And ardent environmentalists should keep a sense of proportion.

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