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Перевод слова

Перевод: aquamarine speek aquamarine

аквамариновый; зеленовато-голубой; цвета морской волны;
аквамарин ; цвет морской волны; зеленовато-голубой цвет


  1. Perhaps it is this very "emptiness" which appeals to many clients, for they can strip their advertisements over the aquamarine seas, or over the azure of skies, so that our subliminal minds will equate the goods they offer with the freshness of unspoiled paradise.
  2. First one sees a pretty, bronzed model clad in strapless dark crimson: she has aquamarine eyes (statutory in this novel, apart from two which are grape-green) and a large, open mouth.
  3. She was moaning and dribbling and her Sunday dress of aquamarine nylon which Martha admired greatly was streaked with mud, a sure sign of extreme distress.
  4. What other explanation could there possibly be for going into a shop, flicking through rails of attractive fuchsia, cobalt and aquamarine outer-garments, and saying to the assistant, "Have you got any grey ones?"
  5. For two perfect Sundays they scrambled side-by-side over the lichen-dappled rocks of the valley wall, the aquamarine sky above reflected in the ribbon of sea below them.
  6. At sundown the sky turns a multitude of colours from scarlet through aquamarine to inky black.
  7. Her outfit is aquamarine.
  8. Glazing was done, in fact, to prevent cracking by frost and when the sky is blue the black tiles turn a deep aquamarine.
  9. Over a barely discernible grey sheet of water was thrown an equally grey shroud of sky, but the shroud was torn in places to reveal streaks of blood red and aquamarine blue.
  10. The sea, now: soft aquamarine blue-green
  11. Dr Boris Zhurid, director of the Aquamarine Dolphinarium in Sebastopol, said yesterday that the floating oceanarium, once completed, would comprise a tug with three swimming pools to carry a variety of sea animals.
  12. The Italian-built coaches, decked out in smart grey and aquamarine livery, combine with tracks embedded in shock absorbent material to give a smooth and quiet journey.
  13. Wearing - always - dead simple casual clothes that flatter his lightly-tanned complexion, pale silver hair and famous aquamarine eyes, he dines on spartan, spiceless fare in his minimalist palazzo on Via Borgonuovo, where blank corridors link white-walled offices with the plain, pictureless apartment where he lives alone while a bodyguard sleeps below.

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