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Перевод слова

Перевод: approve speek approve

одобрять; утверждать; утвердить; санкционировать; показывать; проявлять; апробировать


  1. The emperor attended the premire, and seemed to approve, despite his observation that it had too many notes ("Just as many as are necessary, your majesty," Mozart is said to have replied).
  2. CG's 1 million-plus members, who will also have to approve the merger at a special meeting, will receive nothing for voting "yes".
  3. Archbishop Fisher did not approve of his fellow-archbishop being prominent in such company at such a moment of history.
  4. By the time they approve credit the sale has gone to someone else.
  5. He was never a favourite character of mine, as I do not approve of the British partition and subsequent desertion of India, mismanaged by Mountbatten against a horrific background of massacres.
  6. All you have to do is send the invoices you want factored to your factor and, provided they approve the accounts they will send you a cheque for around 80 per cent of their value by return mail.
  7. Compare the people with one another and identify what they have in common, and what you approve and disapprove of.
  8. As mentioned before, the fact that one may not approve of a practice cannot be a reason for wishing to have it outlawed.
  9. At a time when no one else may seem to approve of them, and they may not much like themselves, it is of the utmost importance that teenagers should feel wanted and loved by their parents.
  10. 1991, 27 1006), of course I approve of the purpose of the Control of Pesticide Regulations (1986) and COSHH regulations, but it is a ridiculous consequence of the regulations that chemists are deemed to be less well able than commercial fruit growers, for example, to understand that the chemicals involved "have the capacity to be potentially lethal if wrongfully mixed, applied and handled".
  11. Despite several attempts, the county has been unable to persuade Braintree District Council to approve plans for a southern link road around Sudbury near the Braintree area.
  12. His acceptance of what he calls "the doctrine of the manyness of reality", by which he probably means that reality can be conceived of in many different ways, makes it possible for him to approve of the non-creative aspect of God as propounded by the Jains, and the creative aspect of God as propounded by Rmnuja the foremost exponent of the Vii dvaita position.
  13. Here again the Secretary of State must approve the appointment of the chairman and members.

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