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Перевод слова

Перевод: appreciate speek appreciate

ценить; оценивать; быть признательным; понимать; принимать во внимание; ощущать; повышать в ценности; повышаться в ценности


  1. They feel that Shetlanders do not appreciate the sacrifices they are making: instead they suspect they are being regarded by Shetlanders as a nuisance not really to be welcomed and as far as possible to be ignored altogether.
  2. His intention is to help a wide readership appreciate the importance of the theory of evolution and understand the lack of scientific method in creationism.
  3. A young process chemist could probably learn a lot about real life from this book, and the old hands should appreciate it as well.
  4. He wanted to watch his wife's mouth move because it was a mouth he'd come to appreciate more and more.
  5. After all if we say, "I didn't appreciate that remark," that tells the world something about us, and we may perceive that it is unwise to let people know that the remark disturbs us at all so we do not share our feelings.
  6. If someone has offered you free riding on their horse they are not going to appreciate finding their yard covered in droppings and scattered with grooming kit after you have left, or that you abandoned a sweaty horse without seeing to it after you have ridden.
  7. "You will appreciate", Bragg said, "that this is a difficult case.
  8. Human trainers of all species appreciate the differing capacity of creatures to respond to training and sometimes to perform antics which they would never perform in the wild, though these are never completely outside their basic behavioural repertoire.
  9. On the other hand, it is conceivable that he would not have been in a position to appreciate the differences very clearly.
  10. With many aspects of flying, we need to have reached a certain stage or standard to be able to appreciate the problems, or to understand and take in the facts.
  11. There is no question at all that he meant any harm; but you will no doubt appreciate how uncomfortable a situation this was for me.
  12. He deliberately cultivated a policy of signing up young, unknown artists whose works would appreciate.
  13. Let us now dig a little deeper into this theory and try to appreciate Abelard's thought from within.

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