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Перевод слова

Перевод: appointment speek appointment

назначение; должность ; пост ; место; свидание; встреча ; условленная встреча; прием ; обстановка ; оборудование; мебель ; предписание; определение; распределение наследственного имущества по доверенности


  1. Ligier also avoided confirming the appointment.
  2. My companion put it to me that an initiative must now be taken, and reminded me of the unrecorded conversation at the time of my appointment.
  3. Out-patients visit with or without an appointment and can telephone if they have problems.
  4. Webb, who has agreed to play on for both Bath and England until a Registrar's appointment becomes available, kicked five penalties and converted a superb Jeremy Guscott try to sink Quins.
  5. Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for a senior appointment in Japanese Economic Studies in the School of Economic and Financial Studies, a position that is being established with assistance from Nomura Securities Co Ltd.
  6. Apart from the cachet of a university appointment which followed the award of an honorary Cambridge MA the previous year in recognition of his many years of service to adult education, the post offered unprecedented security and an improved, assured salary.
  7. She was shocked herself, but that shock was muted by the greater shock of realising that even now she was not certain that she would keep the appointment she had made for the morning.
  8. "Death has made an appointment with her," said the Arab.
  9. To fulfil the last of these conditions, the owner may allow viewing by appointment and lend it on request to public collections on short-term loan, in which case the item is entered on the register of conditionally exempt objects, known as the "V A list', which is available to the public.
  10. A report arising out of a recent short-term library schoolteacher fellowship appointment recommended the enhancement of the value of the library to educationalists and the improvement of its accessibility to chemistry teachers.
  11. Again, it was an internal appointment which resulted in one applicant: Jenny Ball.
  12. In a letter to the Australian Stock Exchange, the company said it would "vigorously oppose the appointment that has been made and will do everything in its power to have the receivership rescinded."
  13. But lying there in the dunes he hadn't known what he knew now, that he had another and very different appointment to keep on Sunday, September the twenty-fifth.

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