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Перевод слова

Перевод: apparent speek apparent

видимый; явный; очевидный; бесспорный; несомненный; кажущийся


  1. This apparent problem has attracted considerable attention in recent years.
  2. In her reply, Heim stresses the uncertainties of the case, and emphasises the possibility that Mr X's apparent subnormality may have been linked to dyslexia, rather than a low IQ.
  3. Using traditional measures of religiosity, he has pointed out the apparent failure of English catholic schools to produce better catholics and fewer ex-catholics than state or other schools, and has inferred the likelihood of the same for Irish schools.
  4. Even the smell of the Spring flowers became apparent, something he had never even noticed before in daylight.
  5. "It is apparent that a step has been made in the right direction the property will soon be entirely under comparatively well-to-do tenants.
  6. As the legal regime for the National Curriculum comes into effect, it becomes increasingly apparent that it represents not so much a "straitjacket" but a "corset" - holding things in place, while restricting, but not totally, freedom of movement!
  7. But these countries are rather different below the veneer of social justice which is apparent to the casual observer.
  8. Historically the word may come from one of several sources, but given its apparent near-restriction to the Welsh border counties, its origin lies perhaps in the Old Welsh Cai , the Middle Welsh Kei , and the Latin Caius , a common praenomen among the Romans.
  9. Although Rowlands, who resigned his presidency for seven days in the bloody aftermath of this summer's centenary tour to South Africa, was happy to lay the issue to rest last night, the debris of the affair is still apparent throughout Welsh rugby.
  10. It was especially in its worship that the apparent distance between the earthly and the heavenly community was bridged.
  11. Indeed, free-electron laster (FEL) is a generic name for a family of devices ranging from millimetre-wave generators to potential X-ray lasers, whose only common feature is their apparent lack of a conventional laser gain medium.
  12. we may safely assume that there exists some universal semantics of literature, comprehending the themes which are to be met with always and everywhere and which are limited in number; their transformations and combinations produce the apparent multitude of literary themes.
  13. This brings with it the corollary that it is not always apparent whether the beliefs he expresses are Ackroyd's or those of the writer to whom he is exposed, or both.

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