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Перевод слова

Перевод: apologize speek apologize

извиняться; просить прощения; приносить официальные извинения


  1. Seawright was first suspended and, when he failed to withdraw his remarks and apologize, was expelled from the Party.
  2. "And I can imagine," I said, seeing resignation more than indignation now in her face, "that Bambi Lorrimore took no notice, that Mercer hurried to help you up and apologize, and Mrs Young enquired if you were hurt."
  3. "I must apologize," he began, "for not coming in to see you this morning, as I said I would.
  4. "Apologize?"
  5. Apologize to her!
  6. I had to put the project aside for a while, he wrote, as the rent had to be paid, not to speak of alimony, school fees and the rest, and, coming back to it after a considerable period, much longer, unfortunately, than I had anticipated, and I will not even try to apologize since you gave me a completely free hand - anyway, he wrote, trying to ignore the damp spots left on the page of his pad by his sweaty hands, anyway, coming back to it after all that time I realized that it would be quite impossible in practice to separate the valuable and the worthless, the public and the private, and that, in a sense, one would have to think in terms of either publishing the whole thing exactly as it stood , or not doing it at all.
  7. Come back and apologize at once .
  8. "Go and apologize to your mother."
  9. He had hoped to make her apologize humbly and promise never to use him in a story again.
  10. "I must apologize profoundly, sir."
  11. Oh, he said, I apologize.
  12. Ramsey confessed that they had done a lot of harm and ought to apologize but said that the best of them were trying to, and that the Church of England ought to apologize to the high churchmen for the way in which it sometimes treated them.
  13. Not to apologize - that would be asking for explanations he wasn't able to give right now - but to see that she was all right.

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