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Перевод слова

Перевод: anxious speek anxious

беспокоящийся; волнующийся; тревожный; беспокойный; озабоченный; встревоженный; стремящийся; сильно желающий


  1. There was nothing that could be used for a cradle so obviously she intended keeping it in bed with her, but Sarah had heard tales of babies being smothered like that and she was surprisingly anxious that her newly expected brother or sister wouldn't end up that way.
  2. The buyers of services are becoming more selective, unconcerned about cosy established relationships and anxious to be convinced that they are receiving value for money: competitiveness and excellence are the watchwords for the future.
  3. Then, she had to return and re-powder her forehead and compose herself and try not to be anxious that she was already late.
  4. Environmental groups believe that because the big industrial nations control these committees and are anxious to avoid curbs on industry and car use, they are using this scientific research as an excuse for taking no action.
  5. A protagonist asked to play out a scene from her own life in a psycho-drama session may be too anxious about what will emerge to "play the game" spontaneously.
  6. This, remember, is W. H. Auden, whom for many years some people in England have regarded as himself too anxious not to bore, too anxious always to amuse.
  7. Only they will probably both know that these must not include anything too worrying or controversial, which could create the type of tension and anxiety that can so easily build up in the elderly, particularly in the many who suffer from circulatory troubles, or who have a naturally anxious personality which has become even more vulnerable with age.
  8. Lewis had got to know him because he was a frequent visitor to Oxford, anxious to get a job in the Oxford English Faculty, and a friend not only of Tolkien but also of Nevill Coghill.
  9. I was too anxious - far too anxious - and this put my interviewers on their guard.
  10. There was the school with its faded maps, its cardboard-mounted Ten Commandments and the Regulations of the National Commissioners of Education in Dublin (for this was long before the Partition of Ireland), the De Vere Foster copybooks, Joyce's histories, Sullivan's geographies and grammars, long desks with the initials of past generations cut on both sides, clerical school management (the Methodists controlled five schools in the area - Thomas Street, Edgarstown, Derrycarne, Cloncore and Ballinary), teachers paid by results and anxious under the eyes of H M Inspectors (too often then unenlightened inquisitors).
  11. In fact many parents were so anxious to sign that they actively sought out the petition holders.
  12. They were anxious, too.
  13. Those around him anxious to please and do his bidding were in no doubt as to what he wanted and desperately sought a solution at any price that would satisfy their commander-in-chief.

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