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Перевод слова

Перевод: antique speek antique

древний; старинный; античный; антикварный; старомодный;
памятник древности; произведение древнего искусства; древнее искусство; античный стиль; антикварная вещь; старинная вещь; антиква [полигр.]


  1. Christians had always lived - like most late antique people - in a universe which included an unseen world as large and as varied as the visible.
  2. Now on to Bradford on Avon, the ancient wool town, and up the steep hills lined with stone houses, most of which seem to be antique shops.
  3. I'm to be governess to a little boy in Edinburgh, and you're to take charge of an antique loony in Penzance.
  4. For a true country bride look, girls visit Caress for fairytale dresses in a wide range of silks and antique type cotton laces with floral accessories, hand decorated shoes and antique lace veils to complete the look.
  5. While councils were defining the central doctrines of the faith, the Fathers of the fourth and fifth centuries were bringing the conceptual equipment of antique thought and the rhetorical techniques of classical literature to its exposition and interpretation.
  6. 7 8 A few years ago Sally Baring of Borderline went into an antique shop and left with an 1895 fabric block.
  7. And "duty", heavily antique or even moth-eaten word though it has become, thanks to the mockery of charlatans, is the one proud constant which informs and dignifies both my work and my life.
  8. They found that their only means of illumination was the collection of antique paraffin lamps and that there was only one boiler - which worked intermittently.
  9. Antique bird baths can be hard to find, but copies of early types are available
  10. At the end of September, 35 English dealers and 15 from the Continent joined 35 American dealers to hold the first International Antique Dealers' Show at the Seventh Regiment Armory on Park Avenue, in the heart of Manhattan.
  11. Their new collection also includes scarves, ties and braces and all designs are based on antique decorative arts.
  12. Looking for an antique garden ornament?
  13. The two leaves and the gates had gone long since, for it possibly dated from the sixteenth century - nevertheless there was a distinct something about it and Mr. Hibberd, the antique dealer often asked my mother if she would consider selling.

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