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  1. Or swap for Fender The Twin amp, cash adjustment
  2. In addition, platelet phospholipase A2 (Minkes et al, 1977) and cyclo-oxygenase (Malmsten et al, 1976) are inhibited by the elevated cyclic AMP levels.
  3. Power means heat production, a situation made even more critical by the fact that internal space for heat dispersion is at a premium on a unit such as this, currently the smallest rackmount amp available with this power rating.
  4. Effects loop send and return sockets operate in conjunction with an "FX mix" biasing control, which lets you select how much of any external effect is fed to the amp's dry signal.
  5. I guess I was the first person to develop the idea of the modular system: ie. everything from the preamp to the power amp was modular.
  6. I got the Ampeg for free; it used to belong to a lad who played with The Pale Fountains, but he had a brain haemorrhage or something really sad and his girlfriend was nice enough to pass his amp along to me.
  7. As long as your amp is high enough to support your guitar properly then GuitaRest does exactly the same job as a guitar stand - except that it's neater, lighter, takes up less space, costs less than most and also incorporates a recess to accommodate your armoury of assorted plectra.
  8. Using an amp with a good speaker simulator is likely to give the best results, while there are various effects units with built-in speaker simulators.
  9. Nevertheless, the paradox is that a small, cheapish amp still has to sound like a beast, whilst remaining tame and housetrained in all other respects.
  10. I remember my first gig after joining John was at the White Hart, Acton, and I rolled up with my P-bass and my Gibson amp - a Titan was it? - a grey pyramid-shaped amp.
  11. And it's wired right into the power amp, so you don't have to worry about tone circuits or reverbs - you've just got a good sound to play along with.
  12. I could have done with a little more natural variation in the sound, but seeing that all Kirk is probably going to do with it is leave it on the neck pickup, knock all the middle off at the amp and turn it up to an excruciating volume, it doesn't have to be the most variable guitar in the world.
  13. The line should be capable of at least a 60 amp supply and possibly up to 100 amp for a large property or heavy user.

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