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Перевод слова

Перевод: ambush speek ambush

засада ;
устраивать засаду; заманивать в засаду; нападать из засады


  1. Major hit by Euro ambush
  2. "One in ambush, with the rest of us acting like beaters.
  3. Primitive terrors remain dormant, continually erupting in "various spells and enchantments", or anxious questions, "What ambush lies beyond the heather/ And behind the Standing Stones?"
  4. However, Ronnie Tod's one-man ambush failed when he dropped his tommy-gun magazine as he cocked the gun, and there was a burst of fire from the Germans.
  5. The pair were pitched together to play in the opening two rounds, and while Couples collapsed with a 77, Faldo reduced their duel in the sun to a calculated ambush.
  6. Trent had come out of hospital after the ambush in Ireland with nothing left of his old life.
  7. Darting to the mantelpiece, he retrieved the note and the feather and dived back again under the covers, before the cold could ambush him.
  8. The rebels replied on February 17th by killing 45 soldiers in an ambush on the northern coast where the army has some camps.
  9. It could be the others returning - or the start of his ambush.
  10. This Section from 2 Commando had set up a road-block ambush, while the destroyer joined others in her flotilla in attacking an armed tug and other ships.
  11. If you must walk alone at night keep a look out for potential ambush spots and cross the road to avoid them.
  12. Lachlan, racing out to set up an ambush for his nephew, insisted against his shipmaster's warning on taking a corner just too neat, and stranded his birlinn just off the Rubha Aird Druimnich.
  13. From year to year they used the same handrails to go down into the past: lifting the cartwheel at the crossroads, the drilling sessions by the river, the first ambush, marching at night between the safe houses, the different characters in the houses, the food, the girls

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